Cubicles, Inc. – Your #1 Source for Quality Office Furniture in
New Jersey

Over the last decade, New-Jersey based Cubicles, Inc. has established a growing customer base due to unbeatable office furniture pricing and unparalleled service. We have never advertised, relying on word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials. Customer feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive as our line of furniture products surpass the highest expectations — both in terms of price and quality.

Please note, however, that we are much more than a furniture dealer. We also offer:

– installation services

– space planning

– maintenance

– refurbishing.

As the work environment is so vital for personal comfort and professional productivity, we embrace Walt Whitman’s view that “Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Taking into account your electrical requirements, lighting issues, and sound levels, a Cubicles-designed workspace will be professional and functional — a combination of style and substance.

An environmentally conscious and socially responsible enterprise, Cubicles never uses hazardous materials. We are very careful to utilize resources that are danger-free and ecologically-safe. In conjuction with our sense of health consciousness and safety, we also create workspaces that are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

As we continue to provide product and service, a cornerstone of our business philosophy is to serve customers fully and honestly. Our passion and mission is to build relationships with our customers — offering suggestions, if asked, listening to customers’ ideas and preferences, and following through on all promises (e.g., quoting a final price that mirrors an estimate). We sincerely care about our customers and are committed to ethical principles, performing our best to satisfy the most rigorous demands and discriminating tastes.