Why Use Cubicles, Inc.?

By using Cubicles, Inc. for your installation, space planning, refurbishing, and/or maintenance jobs, you’ll derive many benefits, including the following:

1. Pay a very competitive, low hourly rate, particularly by New Jersey standards.
2. Work with a company that has an outstanding reputation and has been in existence since 1996!
3. We can perform accurate blueprints and estimates, and if you don’t wish to pay hourly but by the job (your choice), you’ll know the price beforehand.
4. Amazing attention to detail is provided and stellar results are guaranteed. Our crew is extremely skilled at handiwork, creating a ‘wow experience’ for you.
5. Communication is quick, thorough, and courteous. We strive to surpass your expectations.
6. We provide just about any work station or furniture-related services and no job is too big or small.
7. We are an environmentally-conscious company, and recycle metal, cardboard, wood pallets, Styrofoam, and paper, whenever possible.
8. We will work around your schedule to accommodate your needs. We work weekends and Holidays, too!

Added bonus: We also offer outstanding pricing on select name-brand office furniture. (You don’t need to use our installation services to acquire new product from us.)