Cubicles’ Installer Policies

Cubicles, Inc. is on an incessant quest to uphold the most stringent and professional standards so the following policies are in place:

1. The estimates that we provide are spot on and do not deviate from the actual price unless the nature of the job changes.
2. We will arrive on time, ready to complete the tasks at hand.
3. We work quickly and efficiently which becomes important if the job is charged per hour.
4. We are a full-service company, and can provide just about any cubicles and furniture-related service or combination of services, maintaining a passion for customer satisfaction.
5. We’re always available by phone and/or email, and provide fast responses.
6. We have company automobile and worker’s compensation insurance, and can provide Certificates of Insurance, if/when requested.
7. Our workers’ personal hygiene is excellent and our dress code, professional.
8. We will work weekends or Holidays – whenever you need us – to get the job done.