Office Cubicles and Furniture Maintenance – A Proactive Approach Can be Financially-Advantageous

We offer a cost-effective, proactive office cubicles and furniture maintenance service in New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Our typical maintenance program is on a monthly basis but we’ve contracted with companies that have needed our service more frequently. You do not necessarily have to establish a maintenance contract with us, as we’re available whenever the need arises for quick repairs and parts replacement.

Our maintenance tune-ups ensure maximum durability for your office building products, helping them to last long after the warranty expires. As time elapses, cubicles, and especially, furniture can wear and tear, making the office space look less attractive. A spruce pick-me-up can make a dented cubicle, scratched desktop, or rickety chair appear like new, enhancing the work room and improving ergonomics.

Our maintenance crew quickly accesses the problem and implements an immediate resolution. We often stock parts, but in the event that the parts are not readily available, we will order them on your behalf and schedule another time where we can perform the necessary repair.

Some of our customers ask us to examine all the cubicles and furniture as a goal of achieving preventative maintenance. Some chairs, for example, have faulty mechanisms and are in desperate need of lubrication. When we notice these problems (and it always seems to occur right after the warranty expires), we quickly remedy them, where the need to purchase new furniture becomes unnecessary.

In the long run, our maintenance program will give you the biggest bang for your bunk as you will limit office cubicles and furniture turnover. The office will maintain its structural integrity as everything will be kept in good working order, and you’ll no longer have to purchase new furnishings