Cubicles and Office Refurbishing Service in New Jersey – Making the Old Come Back to Life

Our refurbishing service is perfect for companies that are interested in going green and looking to do their part for the environment in the incessant recycling effort. As an added bonus, refurbishing ensures that cubicles-related expenses will be kept to a minimum.

Here, we can take existing panels and simply refabric or repaint them. We can change the top caps, the base plates, and/or side panels, and use new eco-friendly parts to create a work surface that looks completely brand new. We avail ourselves to materials from the major cubicles manufacturers including Haworth, Steelcase, Herman Miller, AIS, Kimball, and a host of others.

Again, our expert workmanship will make it difficult for you to even tell that any cubicles have been refurbished. You can either direct us by providing the exact finishes and features you desire, or give us artistic-license where we determine the optimal properties for the created work surface.

We proudly recycle dismantled parts (I.e., parts not used in the remanufactured work surface) with an environmentally-conscious mindset. When we’re not able to reuse them, we safely discard them. Moreover, our clean-up crew is top-notch and the office space under and around the refurbished office cubicles will be spotless.

All in all, if you are looking to reupholster, repaint, or repair your panel stations, work surfaces, or modular furniture, please contact Cubicles, Inc. – the refurbishing enthusiasts and experts in NJ.