We Provide Space Planning – Driven by Aesthetics and Ergonomics

We’ve lost count in the number of blueprints that we’ve drawn up since our company’s inception almost two decades ago. As such, we have become quite proficient in designing proper space allocation, with an eye on aesthetics and another on ergonomics. An attractive, well-functioning office is our objective – one in which staff is proud to call their home away from home, and one that fosters optimal employee efficiency and productivity.

In order to space plan appropriately, we allocate time to carefully measure the office layout, and take into account the number of personnel, the number of cubicles desired, cubicle measurements, the proper space between cubicles, etc. We then render a floor plan which meets with your approval. Subsequently, our team carries out the specs with complete accuracy and professionalism.

We can also perform commercial interior design, and make suggestions that will capitalize on our expertise of space planning, cubicles and furniture product knowledge, and our tasteful vision of what looks good. We’re also aware of building and design codes, following state safety regulations, while keeping a finger on the pulse of social acceptability.

So if you’re in the market for office space planning, provide space in your schedule for a Cubicles, Inc. consultation.